Will a Sporting Injury End My Career?

There are two particularly pervasive attitudes toward sporting injuries, both of which are potentially unhealthy. It is not unusual for athletes to push through an injury or accept that their career is over without seeking treatment. Neither is a good approach to recovery.

When you suffer a sporting injury, the recommended route is seeking consultation with a sports medicine specialist.


5 Foods That Are Good for Your Bones and Joints

Your body consists of more than 200 bones and 300-plus joints made up of living tissues. In order to keep everything functioning as designed, these parts need to have access to essential nutrients. You’re more likely to be getting the right mix of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients if your diet includes an assortment of foods rich in the good things your bones and joints need.


4 Things Runners Can Do To Avoid Knee Pain

Whether you’re a competitive runner or a causal jogger, running is a form of exercise with several well-documented health benefits. Even so, it’s not unusual for frequent runners to experience distracting knee pain. Most of the time, it’s a temporary inconvenience, although 70 percent of runners may have knee pain at one time or another.

How Music Therapy May Help Chronic Pain Sufferers San Jose Orthopedic Center 348x200 - How Music Therapy May Help Chronic Pain Sufferers

How Music Therapy May Help Chronic Pain Sufferers

While pain from some orthopedic conditions might only be a temporary inconvenience, there are issues with the musculoskeletal and nervous system that result in pain persisting beyond 3-6 months. Chronic pain treatments such as applying heat or ice, injections directly into the affected nerve, and the use of pain and anti-inflammatory drugs don’t always completely eliminate pain.

How to Safely Exercise With Back Pain San Jose Orthopedic Center 348x200 - How to Safely Exercise with Back Pain

How to Safely Exercise with Back Pain

Whether your back pain is experienced occasionally, chronic in nature, or triggered by certain movements, it can be difficult to get regular exercise if you’re concerned about being distracted with some type of discomfort. Not getting any exercise at all, however, can also contribute to back pain as spine-supporting muscles become weak. Consider the following tips to find a happy medium that will strengthen your spine without aggravating your back pain.

4 Ways to Prepare for Spine Surgery San Jose Orthopedic 348x200 - 4 Ways to Prepare for Spine Surgery

4 Ways to Prepare for Spine Surgery

After you’ve made the decision to have spine surgery, your doctor or the nursing staff will likely give you instructions about things like post-op care and medications and maybe make arrangements for physical therapy or rehab. While it’s good to have these basics covered, there are some other important steps to consider as you prepare for spine surgery,