Don’t Let Carpal Tunnel Ruin Your Life

It’s a swelling in your wrist; a thickening of the path between your arm and your hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome strikes in a number of ways. You might not notice it at first, but then suddenly:

  • Your thumbs start going numb as you scroll on your phone.
  • You feel a tingling in your elbow at work when you begin to type out an email response.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night with a numb hand under your pillow.
  • You aren’t able to pick things up one-handed anymore because you lack strength.

NSAIDs Can Help, But Not for Long!

The more severe your carpal tunnel syndrome gets, the less likely it is that an over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, Aleve, or even aspirin will work. You may also wear a brace or work on keeping your hands and wrists straight to try to keep the pain or numbness from getting worse.

However, unless you have the right equipment to help you, behavior modification won’t get you very far. The pain, numbness, and weakness will only come back and become more severe.

Is it Time for Surgery?

The fastest, most reliable way to correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is with surgery on the wriest to alleviate the pressure to the nerves.

At San Jose Orthopedic Center, our doctors and surgeons lead the way in treating carpal tunnel syndrome as well as many other problems that may plague the hands or arms. Talk to your doctor to determine if surgery is right for you. You may discover that you’ve lost more mobility than you thought! Call today to book a consultation.

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