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Fractures Require Special Treatment

Kids can be rough. They love to explore and play harder than they realize. It only takes seconds for play to get too rough and someone to get hurt. It could be falling out of a tree or a living room wrestling match, but once you have an injured bone, you need to get your child to an orthopedic doctor quickly.

Treating children’s bones requires some specialized training. Luckily, the doctors at San Jose Orthopedic Center are well versed in caring for children and making sure bones continue to grow strong and healthy after a significant injury.

Childhood Bone Injuries Need a Specialist

During childhood, your bones have specific times they’ll grow and places in them where the growth will take place. The times are different for each child, but generally by the middle to late teenage years, bones stop growing and the growth plates close over. The danger comes before the growth plates close, especially for boys, who typically have a higher incidence of injury than girls.

More Than Casting

Occasionally, a youthful injury requires more than a cast. If the growth plate is broken in such a way that it will prevent normal growth in the future or an injury to a joint is complex involving soft tissue damage, additional measures may be required to restore the area.

At San Jose Orthopedic Center, we know how precious your child is, so we have access to the latest technology for the diagnosis and treatment of bones and joints. You can rest assured that your child will receive the best possible care from our team. Call today to find out how we can help.

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