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Many patients will need to see an orthopedic doctor at some time during their life. These are medical specialists trained to treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. This covers parts of the body like bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles, and more. Orthopedic specialists often work with other physicians to successfully treat a patient’s complex medical problems. Orthopedics includes many different specialties such as:

  • Hand surgery
  • Sports medicine
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Spine disorders


Contact our office today to get started on the path of comfort and restored range of motion. We work hard to make sure that you receive the treatment that you need in the simplest way possible for your condition. Additionally we strive to make sure that our patients understand the Basics of orthopedics, common orthopedic disorders and injuries, and the most common and state-of-the-art treatments that are offered.

Common Orthopedic Problems

An orthopedic doctor knows that approximately 50 million individuals in the United States experience arthritis in some form. This is a chronic condition that has a slow progression.

Fractures can be simple to treat, but many times require the expertise of an orthopedic specialist, especially when the bone is broken in multiple places or protrudes through the skin.

It’s common for patients to experience some type of back pain. This could be pain that is mild to severe and persistent. Neck pain can result from an injury to muscles, ligaments, cervical disks, or arthritis.

Patients often experience shoulder pain caused by bursitis or tendinitis of the rotator cuff. This is caused by inflammation and causes a reduction of mobility in the shoulder.

All these conditions, and more, can be effectively treated by an orthopedic doctor at our office. Contact us today to learn more about the full range of conditions and injuries that we can treat our patients for.


Orthopedic Treatments

Some of the most common treatments are joint and hip replacements. Should a person have a knee joint damaged by arthritis, the knee cartilage can be replaced with an implant made from metal and plastic. With hip replacements, the ball socket of the hip is replaced with a metal implant. These procedures increase a person’s mobility.

Arthroscopic surgery is a way for an orthopedic doctor to view a joint using an arthroscope. This is a tube, lens, and light source. It utilizes fiber optics to get a clear view of a surgical area.

There are a number of problems that may require spine surgery. The goal is always to reduce pain and increase mobility. Treatment can also consist of medication and physical therapy. It could involve procedures such as spinal decompression as well as discectomy, laminectomy, and others.

Ways to Prevent Orthopedic Disorders

A good way to avoid many different types of orthopedic issues is having a safe workplace. Repetitive strain injuries are common in office work environments. Workstations should have proper ergonomic setups. Individuals need to also be aware of the proper ways to move and lift objects without causing themselves injuries or pain. When this is done properly, it will avoid ligament strains, tendonitis, and torn rotator cuffs.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can make it difficult to grip objects. It can also cause swollen fingers as well as tingling in the hand. In an office situation, this can be avoided by sitting upright with the head and torso aligned and positioning the chair so that the hands are slightly below the elbows.

The correct diet and proper exercise can also help a person keep their musculoskeletal system healthy. It is recommended to drink sufficient amounts of milk and eat foods fortified with vitamin D.

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Orthopedic Facts

The most common subspecialty within orthopedics is adult knee surgery. The next most common subspecialty is arthroscopy, followed by sports medicine and total joint, shoulder, and adult hip replacement. There is an average of 32 orthopedic procedures performed by an orthopedic surgeon every month. One of the most common procedures is arthroscopy of the knee.

In order to be an orthopedic doctor, a person must be licensed to practice medicine and be board certified. They are required to regularly complete continuing education courses. This is to keep their skills current with latest developments and maintain their license. An orthopedic doctor will perform surgery as well as prescribe different types of rehabilitative treatments.

Importance of Orthopedics

This is a field of medicine that helps patients by treating and repairing ligaments as well as tendons and other areas of the musculoskeletal system. There are invasive surgeries that can be performed when necessary. There are also less invasive procedures using arthroscopy that can be done without exposing internal organs.

This area of medicine is able to diagnose and treat injuries. An orthopedic doctor is also able to help patients born with congenital disorders affecting their musculoskeletal system and can help any patients who are dealing with a degenerative disease. Orthopedic professionals help patients to improve their range of movement whenever possible, and use joint replacements to change patients’ lives.

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The first step in receiving treatment is getting an accurate diagnosis of your issue. At our office, we spend time learning about your symptoms, such as when they began and when you notice them improving or worsening. We also learn about your medical history. In some cases, diagnostic testing, such as imaging tests, are required. This helps us to get a better idea of the issue and to also rule out other possibilities. Once we have an accurate diagnosis for you, we can help you decide on a treatment plan that will be most effective for you and your current health situation.

There are have been significant advances in the treatments available for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Contact our office today to learn more about the treatments that we have available, and let us help you return to a life of comfort when going about your daily activities. When you visit our office, you are seeing a top area orthopedic doctor who genuinely cares about your overall health and wellbeing.