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Orthopedics, also spelled orthopaedics, is a branch of medicine that focuses on diagnosing and treating issues with the musculoskeletal system. This includes sports injuries, tumors, infections, fracture care and repair, congenital problems, and degenerative diseases. If you have a problem with your bones, cartilage, or joints, you’ll likely be referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley for specialized care.

Common Reasons for Referrals

Your primary care physician may recommend that you see an orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley for a variety of reasons, including these common scenarios:

  • You have ongoing pain or instability in a joint that is not responding to physical therapy and normal healing time. Your doctor may suspect arthritis or another issue, especially if he or she isn’t confident in interpreting your x-rays.
  • X-ray images of your injury or issue are inconclusive or hard to interpret. If your doctor or their radiologist can’t make a definitive diagnosis, an orthopedic surgeon may be consulted.
  • Your doctor believes your traumatic injury will not heal properly without surgery. For example, if your broken ankle needs pins or plates to be corrected, an orthopedic surgeon will be performing your surgery.
  • There is evidence of a tumor, spur, or other growth on a bone or interfering with a joint. If the growth is cancerous, an orthopedic surgeon and an oncologist will both be involved in your care.

While there are many other scenarios that may necessitate consulting an orthopedic surgeon, these are among the most common. If you’ve been referred to an orthopedist and aren’t sure why, ask for an explanation. It’s imperative that you are kept informed about every aspect of your care.


Common Treatments in Orthopedics

Orthopedics, much like other aspects of medicine, is quite specialized. The musculoskeletal system involves the entire body, so most surgeons focus on just a few aspects of their field.

Some orthopedic surgeons focus on surgery to a specific joint or set of joints. For example, some only perform work on knees and hips, while others focus only on the hands or shoulders. It’s also not uncommon to see one surgeon for trauma care and another for elective joint replacements.

Some orthopedic surgeons focus only on bone disease and the surgeries needed to correct it. For example, one surgeon may focus their practice on the rodding surgeries needed by people with achondroplasia (dwarfism) while another focuses on limb-lengthening techniques for the same patients.

Still other surgeons focus their efforts on trauma care or sports injuries. These surgeons piece bones and cartilage back together after grievous injuries, making healing possible. Emergency medicine trauma surgeons work with orthopedic surgeons to ensure all bone fragments are accounted for and properly reassembled.

Pediatric orthopedics covers several sub-specialties. Malformations such as clubbed feet or a curved spine are corrected in children to improve their range of motion and comfort. Genetic diseases that impact the bones, such as osteogensis imperfecta and several types of dwarfism, can be managed and treated in children to avoid fractures and discomfort later in the patient’s life.

Treatments don’t always involve surgery. Some conditions can be treated with more conservative measures, such as injections, braces, or physical therapy, before surgery is discussed. Just because you are seeing a surgeon doesn’t necessarily mean your case will require surgery.

At our office, you can see an orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley for any type of orthopedic related condition or injury.

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What to Take to Your First Appointment

After you have scheduled your appointment, knowing what to take with you to your consultation is important. Some surgeons will want to see previous x-rays, and taking new ones might be necessary. You will also want to take your health records or ask your primary doctor to forward copies on your behalf. You’ll want to take along a list of all medications you take, along with the dosages. If you’ve been prescribed a brace, take it with you even if it didn’t help your symptoms. If you’ve had previous surgery to the area, call and have the surgical notes transferred to your orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley.

A Word About X-Rays

Some orthopedic surgeons will need to take new x-rays, even if your primary doctor already ordered a series. It’s important to note that all x-rays are not equal. For example, if you have knee pain, x-rays taken of you while lying down may not be helpful at all. Your orthopedic surgeon will likely want views taken of your knee while you’re standing, to see how the joint bears weight. In the case of injuries and trauma, your surgeon will want to see the area as it has healed up until today, not two weeks earlier.

Some x-rays are also taken from an angle that isn’t helpful to an orthopedic surgeon, or perhaps the view is smudged or otherwise not crisp and clear. Your orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley is well aware of these issues and may order new x-rays using his or her own radiologist to ensure quality.

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Orthopedics is a fascinating specialty with many sub-specialties within it. Virtually every bone disease, malformation, and issue has been studied and treated by orthopedic doctors, all with the aim of improving patients’ range of motion and overall quality of life while avoiding surgical intervention when possible.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon in Silicon Valley. We can also answer any questions that you might have about diagnostics, common symptoms, or the treatments that are most common for what you are experiencing. We look forward to helping you achieve comfort and relief from your pain and other symptoms.