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At our San Jose orthopedic center, we provide patients with access to a wide range of orthopedic treatments. Our goal is to treat the whole patient, which means that we never use a diagnostic or treatment approach that doesn’t seek to provide you with an improved overall quality of life. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you to:

  • Reduce orthopedic pain
  • Live comfortably with full range of motion.


What is Orthopedics?

If you are having problems with any part of your musculoskeletal system, then you need to visit a San Jose orthopedic specialist for an evaluation and treatment. This specialty area of medicine focuses on the bones, joints, tendons, and muscles, including how these parts work together. Your body’s skeletal system is extremely complex and also changes with time due to natural growth, injuries, or wear and tear.

The study of your body’s musculoskeletal system involves a physical examination by a physician specializing in orthopedics. In addition, a surgeon will request medical images such as X-rays to understand your particular musculoskeletal problems. When a patient has discomfort in the parts of the body that involve the musculoskeletal system, it might have one or more causes. For a trauma injury such as a vehicular accident or sports injuries, a surgeon will understand the cause of bone or muscular discomfort. However, many patients experience pain due to other reasons, including congenital disorders, cancerous tumors, or degenerative conditions such as arthritis.


Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon?

A San Jose orthopedic surgeon is a highly-trained medical professional who has completed college, received a medical degree and specialized in orthopedic medicine during a residency. In addition to having a specialty in orthopedics, it is possible to have a subspecialty such as working primarily with children, athletes, or geriatric patients. The first orthopedic surgeons in the field were focused on assisting children born with birth defects or those experiencing abnormalities of the bones and connective tissues while growing.

Other orthopedic surgeons learned how to treat the injuries experienced by soldiers on battlefields. The first orthopedic surgeons needed to learn how to cope with problems such as stabilizing open or closed fractures to ensure a patient did not develop an infection and was able to use the limb again after recovery. Eventually, surgeons learned how to repair shattered leg bones with metal rods and how to create customized plaster casts for areas such as collarbones, arms, and backs. With plaster casts, an orthopedic surgeon was able to treat a child with a spinal deformity or a farmer with a broken wrist.

Why Does an Individual Need Orthopedic Treatment?

Almost everyone will need orthopedic treatment at some point in his or her lifetime because the musculoskeletal system undergoes daily wear and tear, in addition to experiencing trauma. There are certain job occupations and activities that lead to some individuals visiting a San Jose orthopedic surgeon on a regular basis. Athletes competing in contact sports frequently have a musculoskeletal problem that requires treatment. Orthopedic treatment is necessary for these types of injuries or abnormalities:

  • Curvature of the spine – congenital or degenerative
  • Hand or fingers problems – injuries or wear and tear
  • Broken bones – injuries from falls, vehicle accidents or sports
  • Tumors – cancerous or benign
  • Joint reconstruction – injuries or disease
  • Muscle or tendon abnormalities – disease or congenital
  • Paralysis – disease or injury to bones and connective tissue
  • Arthritis – often occurs with aging
  • Cartilage tears – trauma or wear and tear
  • Pinched nerves – caused by swelling or inflammation
  • Joint replacement – inserting an artificial joint
  • Back disorders – problems with the vertebra or discs

How is Orthopedic Treatment Helpful?

You might take orthopedic treatments for granted because you don’t live in a time without the techniques that help to repair damaged or diseased tendons, cartilage, bones, or muscles. In the past, a patient born with a birth defect such as clubfoot that involves a deformity of muscles was unable to walk normally, but today, with orthopedic treatment such as surgery and braces, the condition is treated in childhood. With early treatment, many children with clubfeet have almost a 100 percent recovery, leading to a normal gait.

Alternatively, if a senior citizen falls and fractures their hip bones, an orthopedic surgeon is able to insert artificial joints that make it possible for the individual to walk again. A surgery performed by a San Jose orthopedic surgeon to remove a cancerous tumor from bone tissue makes it possible for an individual to undergo chemotherapy with the hope of living a long life.

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What are Different Types of Orthopedic Procedures?

Today, there are hundreds of orthopedic procedures that are necessary to improve your life or prevent death. An injury such as a broken bone that is poking into blood vessels or through skin tissue is a dangerous situation because of the possibility of bleeding or infection. A San Jose orthopedic surgeon is responsible for saving a patient’s life in addition to ensuring their quality of life. Occasionally, an orthopedic surgeon must determine how to amputate a limb in order to prevent death from cancer or because the leg or arm is beyond repair. However, in most cases, an orthopedic surgeon is able to restore a joint or limb to its previous condition, making sure that a patient is able to continue living a normal life. A surgeon might need to insert metal rods into a broken humerus or repair a meniscus in a knee. Alternatively, a surgeon might need to remove a benign or cancerous tumor from bone tissue anywhere in a patient’s body.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with a San Jose orthopedic doctor. Our medical team is highly trained and is able to efficiently and gently treat your conditions or injuries. We can schedule you an initial consultation that will get you started on the path to overall health and comfort. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have about our diagnostic procedures or treatment methods. We look forward to helping you!