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At our Silicon Valley orthopedic office, we see patients for a wide range of orthopedic issues and work hard to ensure that we effectively and gently treat the condition with the patient’s overall health in mind. The term “orthopedic,” in short, involves the muscles and bones of the body. It’s a medical discipline that revolves around the treatment of problems that are associated with the skeletal system. If a patient has functional troubles or any deformities of this system, he may be a suitable candidate for orthopedic care.

  • Orthopedic conditions frequently involve the spine and the extremities.
  • They also frequently involve the body parts that are related, notably the ligaments and muscles


Common Orthopedic Ailments

There are numerous orthopedic disorders that are particularly common in patients at our Silicon Valley orthopedic center. Orthopedic ailments are extremely abundant. If a problem has anything to do with the joints, ligaments or muscles, then it’s classified as being orthopedic. Some of these problems are significantly more common and typical than others, however. Examples of these common ailments are bursitis, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, hip fractures, fractures in general, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, kyphosis, Paget’s disease of the bone, and osteoporosis. Lower back, foot, knee, hand, shoulder, and neck pain problems are all also common orthopedic issues.


Arthritis is an extremely common condition that many patients experience at some point in their lives, particularly as they grow older. There are a couple of different types of arthritis, namely rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Both of these forms of arthritis are orthopedic problems.

If you suspect that you have any type of orthopedic problem at all, then you should seek medical attention for the matter as soon as possible. Clinical care is often essential for patients who have any orthopedic conditions or injuries.

Available Orthopedic Treatments

If you visit our Silicon Valley orthopedic center to take care of an issue, there are various treatment options that may be considered for you depending on your specific problem. For example, common examples of surgical treatments include total knee replacement, total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement, total hip replacement, arthroscopic surgery, rotator cuff repair, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction, ankle replacement, and spine surgery.

If you suffer from intense back pain, then an orthopedic surgeon may evaluate your situation and determine that spine surgery is the best treatment option out there for you. If you have a rotator cuff tear that is negatively affecting the mobility of your shoulder and making you feel severe pain at the same time, then an orthopedic doctor may determine that rotator cuff repair is optimal for you. Common procedures in the orthopedic field can help patients manage a wide range of different issues. If your knee joint is in bad shape, total joint replacement may be able to help you get back a lot of comfort and ease in your life. If you constantly experience ankle-related discomfort and trouble, ankle replacement may be very helpful to you.


Of course, surgical options are not the only available treatments at our Silicon Valley orthopedic center. Orthopedic doctors assist patients in many different types of treatment options, including rest, bracing, casting, physical therapy, and more. Our doctors are committed to helping you find the best treatment options for you and will turn to minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.

Orthopedic Impairment Symptoms

If you have any kind of orthopedic issue, you should visit our Silicon Valley orthopedic doctors right away to figure out exactly what’s going on. Once the doctor pinpoints your medical condition, he will decide on a suitable treatment plan for you. If you have an orthopedic condition, your goal should be to get treatment for it as soon as possible before it has the opportunity get worse. That’s why it’s always very wise to be attentive to any potential indications of orthopedic problems you may experience.

Never ignore any signs that could point to orthopedic conditions. If you have any kind of orthopedic impairment, you’ll likely have a lot of pain and discomfort in your life. There’s also a very good chance that you’ll have some major problems with movement and with getting around in your day-to-day existence. Some typical signs that are associated with orthopedic ailments in patients include swelling, aching, feebleness, weakness, lack of stability, and rigidity. These symptoms typically involve parts of the body such as the pelvis, neck, hip, shoulder, and back. They can also frequently involve other sections of the body as well. If you feel unusually stiff and don’t know why, then it’s time to set up an appointment with a reputable orthopedic doctor. If you feel strangely weak all of the time, the same thing applies. If you have problems getting around and walking, then a visit to an orthopedic clinic is definitely the right choice for you.

Other common signs of orthopedic issues in people include bone pain, muscle pain, joint inflammation, and joint dysfunction. If you experience any of these types of symptoms, they could make your lifestyle significantly more difficult and uncomfortable. This is exactly why it’s so crucial for patients to seek orthopedic attention as soon as they notice that anything could be wrong. An orthopedic surgeon at our Silicon Valley orthopedic office can help you get back onto the path of a life of comfort and ease.


Causes of Orthopedic Conditions

The vast majority of orthopedic conditions in people are triggered by trauma. They’re not all brought on by injuries, however. Roughly 20 percent of all orthopedic impairments in people are actually inherited. This means that they existed when the patient was born.

Orthopedic conditions can also be caused by overuse. Many patients who participate in constant physical work suffer from some type of orthopedic issue.

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