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Sports Massage or Orthopedic Massage—Which Do You Need?

Are you an athlete living in the San Jose area?

Lots of athletes visit certified sports massage therapists to help them enhance their performance ability. Some, however, need to see an orthopedic expert for massages.

Which one should you see the next time you suffer a sports-related injury? Knowing the difference between orthopedic massage and sports massage will help you make the right call.

Sports Massage

A sports massage therapist is usually a certified professional masseuse. The massages they provide fall into three main categories:

● Pre-event massages to loosen up the muscles and prepare them for intense activity and reduce the chances of injury
● Post-event massages to enhance blood circulation and reduce swelling and stiffness after intense athletic activity
● Maintenance massages on a regular basis to keep the muscles supple and flexible

All of the therapies provided by a sports massage therapist have the same goal: boost athletic performance.

Orthopedic Massage

An orthopedic expert can provide a variety of massage therapies that target very specific muscles around your joints. The massages are intended to help weak and torn muscles to recover from injury, medical conditions, or surgery.

Orthopedic massage is part of a comprehensive and carefully formulated rehabilitation plan. It’s an actual medical treatment, not an alternative, complementary, or elective therapy such as sports massage.

San Jose Sports Injury Rehabilitation Massage

If a little boost to your performance is all you’re looking for, then sports massage may be sufficient for you. Therapeutic massage is good for preventing athletic injuries.

But if you’ve already suffered a sports injury and need help getting your joint back in performance condition, then call the specialists here at San Jose Orthopedic Center.

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