Treating Your Sports Injury

A dislocation is when your bone joints are popped out of position. It’s a common sports injury but can also be caused by an accident or fall. Dislocations are most common in fingers and shoulders, but can just as well be seen in the:

● Knees
● Ankles
● Hips
● Elbows
● Jaw

Noticing the Signs

A dislocated joint can often be seen. If you have swelling or discoloration, intense pain near a joint, or immobility – then you may have a dislocated joint.

In some cases, you may be suffering from a broken bone. Either way, you should seek medical attention so come to our orthopedic center in San Jose, CA right away.

Preventing A Dislocated Joint

Protective gear like a brace can be worn to prevent a dislocated joint. This is especially recommended if you play a contact sport in which this type of injury is common. Football, basketball, hockey, and volleyball players – as well gymnasts – should take extra precautions.

If you’ve had a dislocated joint in the past, then it’s more likely to happen again, so be sure to take some type of preventive measures.

Treatment Options

The course of treatment will depend on which bones were dislocated and how severe it is. In some cases, the bones can be positioned back into place. A sling, medication, or rehab can have you functioning normally within a few weeks.

In other instances, surgery is required. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry. You won’t even have to go anywhere else. San Jose Orthopedic Center has an on-site surgery center that can provide you with all your needs. Our expert staff provides top-notch care for sports and sports related injuries. Call us today.

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