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Discover how surgery with San Jose Orthopedic Center can help you.

Although our first approach is for conservative and non-invasive treatments, sometimes surgery is necessary in order to relieve pain and other symptoms and restore range of motion. Ultimately, our goal is to help you get back to your regular activities as soon as possible. Surgery can be used to treat conditions and injuries affecting muscles, nerves, bones, ligaments, and tendons.
Our doctors will determine the best approach to surgery for your particular situation. We can utilize:

  • Minimally invasive surgeries to allow for quicker recovery times and less pain
  • Robotic assisted methods


Some of the most common orthopedic surgeries are:

  • Arthroscopy – This allows for a joint’s internal structure to be examined, and is used for diagnosis or to determine if more treatment is needed. Small incisions and a monitor are used.
  • Bone graft substitution – This procedure uses a bone graft that is shaped to the area and secured with pins, plates, or screws. It is used for injuries affecting the knees, hips, arms, and legs.
  • Cartilage repair or removal – There are many different ways to repair damaged cartilage. In some cases, the patient’s cells are used to grow new cartilage. Other methods involve promoting bleeding in the area to stimulate growth. In some cases, damaged cartilage is removed.
  • Spinal surgery – Spinal surgery covers a wide range of possible procedures, including spinal fusion, stimulation, laminectomy, and microdiscectomy. Minimally invasive methods are used for these procedures whenever possible.
  • Tendon repair – If a tendon is ripped during an injury, the torn ends are secured back together to relieve pain.

Treatments Surgery San Jose Orthopedic Center 2 - Surgery