When Kids Get Hurt

To keep your kids healthy, along with eating nutritious foods and making sure they get adequate rest, they also need plenty of exercise. During times of confinement, it is easy for them to stay plugged in to video games, TV and other electronics. Being intentional about making sure they get exercise is important. Activity not only keeps kids in shape, it is also critical for brain stimulation. At the same time, awareness of the possibility of injury and how to deal with it is important.

The Growing Body
Throughout childhood and adolescence, young bodies are growing. The bones, tendons and muscles of kids are continually in a state of growth and therefore more susceptible to injury. Because of this, an injury that could be considered minimal for an adult could cause trauma for a child.

Millions of children sustain injuries every year, with the majority of them happening during sports play. In fact, in some estimates, four in ten emergency room visits for kids from age five to fourteen are due to receiving some type of sports injury. Sadly, a number of these injuries are preventable. Among the most prevalent injuries among youth are sprains and strains, along with broken bones and torn ligaments.

Rethinking “Walk It Off”
Many of us have a “walk it off” mentality when it comes to injuries. The “no pain, no gain” approach to activities may work well for most adults, but when it comes to kids, if they are not given time to heal adequately from injury, more damage could be done. In some instances, it can be serious.

Stress fractures are an example. Given enough time to heal properly, they can heal rather quickly. If ignored, the stress factor can result in a more painful fracture which will require even more healing time. Sprains and strains also need adequate healing time.

If your child sustains an injury while participating in physical activities, be sure to seek qualified medical attention. We take good care of kids at San Jose Orthopedic Center. You can depend on us to provide your child with a comprehensive treatment plan for optimal healing.

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