When to Consider A Hip Replacement

If you’re having trouble with your hip, there are several non-surgical options that might help give you some relief. Taking medication, going through physical therapy, or using a walking aid such as a cane can be helpful.

When these treatments aren’t working then you may want to consider getting a hip replacement.

What Take Place During Hip Replacement Surgery?

While you’re resting comfortably under general anesthesia, our San Jose orthopedic surgeon will make two incisions in your hip to access the bone. They will remove the damaged joint, then replace it with a ball, which attaches to the thigh bone. The doctor will also remove any diseased and damaged cartilage or bone that’s present.

Hip Replacement Recovery

After your surgery, you’ll go through physical therapy to help you regain the use of your hip and muscles. Strengthening and mobility exercises will be a part of your recovery.

Signs That You Need A Hip Replacement

If you’ve been suffering from any of the following symptoms and non-surgical interventions haven’t helped, you may want to consider having a hip replacement.

  • Your pain is persistent and interferes with your activities throughout the day
  • Your hip stiffens from sitting for long periods of time
  • You feel pain in rainy weather
  • The pain makes sleeping difficult
  • You have difficulty walking or climbing stairs

Seek A Professional

If you’re tired of hip pain, then visit San Jose Orthopedic Center for a consultation. Together we can evaluate your symptoms and determine if a hip replacement is right for you. Getting relief starts with one simple call, so pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today.

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