Will a Sporting Injury End My Career?

There are two particularly pervasive attitudes toward sporting injuries, both of which are potentially unhealthy. It is not unusual for athletes to push through an injury or accept that their career is over without seeking treatment. Neither is a good approach to recovery.

When you suffer a sporting injury, the recommended route is seeking consultation with a sports medicine specialist. Ignoring the injury or writing off your career is not the answer. Prompt treatment of most sports injuries will result in a full recovery.

Early Treatment for Sports Injuries

There are several reasons why you should seek early treatment for a sporting injury. Athletes may suffer a number of minor injuries throughout a career. Many injuries present the same symptoms, which often leads to an athlete self-diagnosing. A proper diagnosis will correctly identify the nature of the injury and lead to the most suitable treatment options.

Injuries that are left untreated can lead to chronic pain, wear and tear or limited mobility. In many cases, early intervention would have led to fast and effective recovery. Athletes who forgo treatment may end up shortening their own career by avoiding medical attention.

Avoiding Further Injuries

Sporting injuries are not always the result of an unavoidable accident. How you move, rotate or manipulate limbs can lead to injuries. It is important that athletes receive effective rehabilitation after an injury, and are provided with education on how to avoid reinjuring the limb or joint in future competition.

A sports medicine specialist can provide treatment for a wide range of injuries. If you are suffering pain or discomfort during or after competing, seek professional advice for the good of your career. The San Jose Orthopedic Center is fully equipped to provide effective treatment for sporting injuries. Call today to book a consultation with one of our specialist doctors.

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